Innovative Digital Media

About Us

Lime Tree Media is a digital media company based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Our Brands

Lime Tree has a portfolio of in-house brands and partners with other media companies to support their publications on our Firefly platform. Our current in-house portfolio includes the following:

Our Platform

Firefly is Lime Tree’s proprietary content management and publication platform. It enables streamlined, efficient collaboration and publication of rich digital content, allowing our authors and editors to focus on words and idea and not on tools.

Firefly is a 100% cloud native platform that aggregates leading cloud services to support the end-to-end digital publishing process.

  • Editorial: scheduling, authoring, editing, and publication

  • Social media: integration with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

  • Subscriber management: subscriptions, payment processing, paywalls, service queues

  • Technology foundation: scalable, highly-available multi-tenant platform with federated user management, integrated content management, and distributed content delivery network (CDN)